Who We Are

Kamo Architects (Pty) Ltd is an Architectural firm that prides itself in Architecture and Urban Design. The firm was established because the director saw the need to make a serious and meaningful contribution to the construction consultancy industry. This realisation wholly in tune with the Government’s policy on Black Economic Empowerment, commitment to excellence and professionalism, motivated the director to assemble a team of highly skilled professionals in Architecture, Urban Design & Interior Design.

Why Choose Us

We have built working associations with large reputable firms over the years. This gives us the opportunity and capacity for involvement in the implementation of various project types, from design conceptualisation to completion.

Kamo Architects (Pty) Ltd has been able to draw on the resources of its associates as well as other established practices, while still placing an emphasis on developing skills of previously disadvantaged individuals.

The firm seeks to play a leading role in establishing an empowered consultancy in the architectural and construction industry. This policy is supported by a strong empowerment ethic that believes industry skills should not only be reserved for a privileged few but also made accessible to upcoming talent from previously disadvantaged groups.

How We Work

The firm’s wealth of intellectual ability, years of experience, strong background and architectural flair steers our vision - to become the leading architectural consulting firm in South Africa.

Our success factors are enhanced through our association with large and experienced architectural and project management firms.

The firm’s strategy is therefore, to pool this expertise so as to create a platform to advance previously disadvantaged professionals and foster a culture in the construction industry that corrects imbalances of the past.

Quality Assurance

Every project we work on is taken through a rigorous process of refinement - this process ensures that we deliver professional, high-quality work to our clients.

The firm is led by Mr Alex Katete who has extensive experience, knowledge and exposure in the construction industry.